For 40 years, we have been creating furniture and bathroom accessories with GB Group. We do it with craftsmanship and a sophisticated design, convinced that we are making our contribution to the art of bathroom furnishing

Creating furniture and bathroom accessories has been our mission for over 40 years. We pursue it by combining the craftsmanship of our land with an international taste for beauty. This is how our design furniture for bathroom furnishings is born. Furniture characterised by a high degree of customisation, state-of-the-art technical standards for safety and environmental sustainability, with fast creation and delivery deadlines guaranteed to meet our customer’s needs

Thanks to the refinement of their lines, the preciousness of materials, and the innovation of technical solutions, our bathroom furniture and accessories embody a distinctive and recognisable Made-in-Italy style. So, with our help, those who choose GB Group furniture give life to one of the most intimate spaces in the home.

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